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Friend Organization and CUT

I need to get my LJ more organized...

So... first thing first is my friends page and friend policy. Woo!

I am not an important person here on LJ but well I want to get more organized friend wise... I want to make sure I know and talk with all the people I am friends with. Sooo journals that haven't been active in a while or ones that I no longer look at or use are getting the cut. I have lots of journals from before (start of my lj life) that I no longer even look at....they are just filling up my friends page which is making me miss updates and such from people i actually follow and talk with. You understand this correct?

Also I want my journal to be more "friends only" oriented.. not completely mind you (anyone can friend me still)  but I guess the words are "semi-private" Idk

I need to fix my messages policy as well... idk why but unless ur my friend u can't message me or some bs like that.. idk I am changing that today. I will figure it out!

Oh and I want to make a good "sticky" post... like the ones that stay at the top of your page no matter what. Does anyone know what i am talking about? I need to learn how to do that.

So lots of lj work today, friending cut is happening TODAY. If I de-friend and or de-watch you and u want me to friend you again then message me yadayadayda you ppl know what u are doing more than me.

Luv ya

btw journal style and post style formatting is next on the list for changes :) 

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