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If only I could teleport....

I would teleport to Paris right now and see SM Town!
Dammit all! SM TOWN needs to come to the eastern side of the United states.
In the mean time I will sit here staring at pictures, waiting for fan cams, and wishing i was there to witness it all in person.
This blows.... 
I am happy for all of the European Fans who get to see them though :) 
<3 Here are some Shining Pictures of Shinee... that was a TEARable joke
They will be under the cut.... along with more ranting and such.

omg what is this picture. Someone on Tumblr said that ONEW looked like anormal teenager going to the supermarket and I couldn't agree more... the leader grows on me more everyday... no wonder he is second bias.
Speaking of bias though... taebb why are you suddenly wearing sunglasses all the time.. are you going through an "I'm cool" time in your life right now... lol I still like it though... it refreshing from "look im cute" taemin.
Why does Jjong always wearing weird ass hats....just pointing that out.
I WISH I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys I really hope the flash mob works in NY cause if SM TOWN comes to NY I AM GOING. I have family up in NY so there is NO FUCKING WAY I would miss it. SO they better bring it there. They would make so much money... like a shit load cause everyone on the east coast and all those who didnt go to LA last year will go....serious money opportunity to bring it back to the USA!
They should go to Disney World! (cause then I can go too) and have some concerts here in Florida! I know a shit load of ppl who don't live in FL who would come down just to see them.
yeah... i rant..

I should post more pictures but everyone has seen them already... plus they are all on the SM TOWN FACEBOOK page anyway.

gosh they way they said it was just to damn funny.... anyway
yeah u ppl know where to go...

Also can I please continue laughing at the interview where they asked the boys
"what made you laugh recently"
And Minho is like "Taemin thought that T.G.I Friday's was 'Today's Great Item' "
I recently got a gift card to that place for my b-day from a friend so the significance of that gift card in my life just increased by like 20%
When i go i will probably start laughing and all my "non-kpop" friends will be like "WTF"

Anyway just some rant about me not being in PARIS!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!
If anyone has a teleporter if you could please send it to my house that would be greatly helpful! 

Luv U ppl :)
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