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The update you have been waiting for!


Ok so idk if I am supposed to write in this grey box or not...

But I think I am supposed to do that.....
lets hope so
Alright so I haven't been stalking everybody as much in a while... thats not to true cause I am still reading everything its just I have been very busy with things that I dont have time to comment... T_T I love commenting as you guys know so not commenting as often has NOT BEEN FUN!

My last ay of college classes is today and i only have 2 exams and a take home exam so the rest of my days should be clear and not as CRA CRA CRAZY

I also met new friends in college which is awesome but there is shit going down with that... idk why but bitch ass people seem to always find me and screw me over.

Idk if anyone cares so im not going to go into the details of my life but if you wanna talk i would love to talk with you guys!!!
I miss all of you! But the missing stops now because I know i am going to be on a LOT more during the break cause that is what breaks are for right?? lol

but yeah thats why i haven't been around just being busy and dealing with stupid bitch girl and such, nothing to exciting (except i have a shit load of international friends, i love international people I want to lock them all up in my pocket and keep them forever, and yes I have told them this haha) anyway!

Lets all talk sometime! I'd love to here how things are going with you guys and get ur advice on somethings as well

I hope I did that right....
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