B-Day Post

Had an Awesome 18th Birthday yesterday!

It was fun to be with all of my friends! 

although one of my friends came over to my house dressed as a school kid and said they were my stripper... (that was awkard lol) 

Oh and my friend made a a b-day card with SHINee on it!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt even have to open the card I just knew... my face got all red it was like recieving the shinee boys as a gift lol

^ If only taetae showed up at my door with cake! That would have made my day even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a new wallet (which is like the perfect thing i needed) and a purse, some shoes, a new outfit and 2 necklaces! :3

I made cupcakes (with homemade frosting!)

And we went to go see the X-men movie (which was great!!!) 

Overall even though I did have some stressful moments it was fun!

I still want Taemin though -pout-